How can Agile Matters help you?

An overview of where and how I can offer my expertise - either for you personally through training and coaching

or perhaps your organisation, however big or small, is looking to embark (or re-ignite) on an agile transformation journey. Whatever the project or product you're looking to deliver, I'm confident I can help in the following areas:


Scrum Master / Team Lead / Delivery Manager

An experienced Agile Manager (aka, Scrum Master, Team Lead) with over 15-years of hands-on and practical experience helping software development teams come together to design and deliver solutions that have the customers' needs at their very core. Equipped at standing teams up quickly, establishing lightweight agile processes and ways of working that are effective and collaborative. Always looking to instil the notion of 'being agile' rather than 'doing agile'. 


Agile Coach

Adept at offering agile coaching and training to multiple teams within an organisation. Quick to establish plans that aim to outline deliverables and outcomes along with implementing effective tools and processes. A confident communicator and coach at both the Team and Executive level. 



Coming Soon! I will be extending my Disciplined Agile certification to become an Instructor thereby allowing me the opportunity to offer training towards the Disciplined Agile Lean Scrum Master (DALSM) certification. 


Methodologies / Frameworks / Toolkits:

Agile | Scrum | Lean | Disciplined Agile | SAFe



Jira | Azure Dev Ops | Power BI | Trax | Salesforce | Smartsheets | Quip | Miro 



Goldman Sachs | Morgan Stanley | Diageo | Burberry | Greater London Authority | Herfy